Hi- my name is Heather Schmid. I am a GRAMMY member International Recording Artist from Boston performing mostly internationally. Through music I am building bridges between East & West. Currently China is my stomping ground. Every show I do benefits a local charity. That is my favorite part.

1) What single or project are you currently working on?

I wrote a song called 2012 with my Sony producer. It is about the mystery, excitement and mystique surrounding this December date in 2012. The mayans were a fascinating culture. They studied the stars and predicted a lot of the earth’s major events. They say that December 21, 2012 is a transformative day in our culture. They did not mention the end of the world- people added that part. Transformative is the piece I like. This is a fun dance song that reflects how I feel about it all.

2) Which artists have inspired you to pursue music?

I love Bruno Mars- I think he is a smart musician. I love Adele, her voice and songwriting. I was inspired growing up by Christina Aguilera. Her live show, her voice was so inspiring to me. I wanted to train my voice to be as strong and versatile as it could be. That was one of the reasons why I trained in opera and graduated from Boston University with a degree in music. I just kept taking it to the next level. I now incorporate the range into my songs.

3) What concert did you last go to?

Two days ago I was at a Bhangra show. Amazing. Bhangra is a dance style from India and Pakistan. I am working on an amazing project in Pakistan coming up, so I am researching I would say. This show was 10 drummers with these huge drums, DJ and singers and crazy dancing. Absolute blast.

4) What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

I love how the internet has leveled the playing field for musicians. If you are creative, innovative, motivated and hard working you will have a career. You will have no boss, no creative director, and all the freedom to create your best music. That is the perfect creative space for any musician.

5) Are there any singers that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I am collaborating on my most exciting project so far. Honestly, I am so pumped about this collaboration. It is a fusion of east and west and it benefits a charity. I can’t spill any details yet, but look for it in

6) What producer would you like to collaborate with in the future?

A. R. Rahman is an amazing Bollywood producer. I am inspired by his productions. Avicii from Sweeden would be amazing to work with.

7) What is your next Lp going to be like?

I am influenced now from a lot of international music. Performing in China, Europe and the Middle East I have been listening to a lot of killer tracks. I think my next music will have international influences. I know this Bhangra fusion song has been really fun writing, collaborating and producing.

8) Tell us how you got into music. 

My favorite music teacher Ms. Quinn introduced to me how exciting music can be. I had a tough time in middle school and her class was the only one I really looked forward to. I was so shy. Music was the one thing that made me feel happy. I realized that singing and music was the best way to connect with people. I had so much trouble communicating any other way, but performing was so comfortable. I started with musicals, choir concerts and moved to solo performances, community theatre and competitions. High school was when I saw that I would only be happy with a life that had music in it.

9) What brought you to China and performing outside of the US?

I was recording my first album at Paramount studio in Los Angeles when I saw on CNN the devastating earthquake that killed 60,000 people in Northern Pakistan. When you are in the studio, you are really searching out your feelings, your passions, you are trying to communicate your emotions to music the best you can. I was struggling writing my album because I didnʼt like what I was writing. Pop star life- it was all sounding so superficial. I went to Pakistan to help in AID relief and my new lifeʼs mission returned to the US with me. My album became about connecting with people, building bridges between east and west, and letting go of boundaries. ʻTo give is to receiveʼ is true in my life.