Dr. Mehdi is a primary care physician. As Medical Doctor he was a clinical instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mehdi’s internal medicine training was completed at Boston University. His preventative medicine training was at Yale University. He was a brain research associate at the Brain Research institute at UCLA. He was a clinical instructor for Boston College and Simmons College for the Nurse Practitioner program. Dr. Mehdi was a staff physician at New England Baptist Hospital, a staff physician at South Shore Hospital and later a staff physician at Brockton Hospital. Now, Dr. Mehdi is a medical director in Primary and Preventive in Hanover, MA. Dr. Mehdi comes from long lineage practicing holistic medicine and science. Dr. Mehdi has attended to over 85,000 medical visits in the south shore, MA area. He is founder and CEO of Assisted Living Services brand House Calls, recipient of Patients Choice and teacher of the year awards. Dr. Mehdi is fluent in five languages.

Dr. Mehdi is also a successful entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of an entertainment and branding corporation titled Goddess Inc in 2006. Goddess Inc was founded locally South of Boston and now has achieved global outreach. Goddess Inc. branding division is the only corporation in America that uses sophisticated scientific tools to develop biometrics and psychometric indexes, quotients and algorithms that have made many brands successful.

Goddess Inc’s proprietary branded and trade marked neuro-marketing & neuromedia strategies based on years of research coming out of Harvard University, MIT, Yale, Stanford is now giving small to multinational corporations metrics and emotional indexes of target audience and consumer to stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive and volatile market. These brands are finding stability and longevity with the highest adaptability index.

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