The field of music and entertainment is drastically changing. Music is more influential than ever, but at the same time, record sales in traditional formats are plummeting. Major Label record deals are no longer profitable and radio is not the primary new music resource.

Artists are most prominent in this new music atmosphere. Digital niche markets outperform mass marketing. Music’s new mobility increase access and introduce new markets and income sources. To the point: artists that are forward thinking, business minded, in charge of their music and their brand will be hugely successful in this new music market.

Understanding the current business layout has poised Goddess Inc. to be an industry leader. When scrutinized by any business models: Heather Schmid and ‘The Goddess Within’ have had resounding success internationally with no investments and no marketing. Goddess Inc. has begun to mobilize the success in China to the world-wide market.

Heather has sung on some of the biggest stages throughout the world. Most recently China, Las Vegas, New York City, pre-Grammy show, on television in the US and through out the world, a special performances for president of Pakistan, to now traveling internationally for her new album ‘The Goddess Within’. Heather’s performances in PingXing for Miss Tourism World, YueYang-for Intercontinental Hotel Group, Shanghai and Beijing have been covered nationally on CCTV, MTV China, and Hunan TV.

Heather has printed interviews with Shanghai Talk, Beijing Talk, Expressions and many local media outlets. Each show of her tour benefits a local charity. Previous performances benefited orphanages, earthquake relief and Youth Aids.

Rich Balmer Grammy nominated producer co-produced this all live instruments album. He has produced Kelly Clarkson, Destiny’s Child, Kanye West any more. Heather is from New York City and Boston and is featured on many red carpets in New York and Los Angeles.

Heather hosted a television show on the WB called ‘The Industry’. Heather was Miss Millennium 2002, she performed extensively in Las Vegas and through a 30 state US tour selling 30,000 CD’s. Heather has been a spokes model for many fortune 500 companies. Heather’s new album ‘The Goddess Within’ is pop/rock. Heather’s live show is engaging and powerful. Her band of 4 are from LA from Berklee-were chosen because they have all toured with top 10 pop artists. Heather has a classical background receiving her bachelors of Music from Boston University.