Goddess Inc specializes in enhancing brand penetration by using entertainment and co-branding with the artist. Giving face and music to the merchandize.

Past Projects:
Goddess attributes are unisex and represent power, flexibility, patience, nurturing, depth and love. Goddess Inc co-branded Goteb hair products with Heather Schmid’s music video “Close your eyes”. Toview click here Through Goddess Inc Heather Schmid has successfully also co-branded with Intercontinental Hotel Group in China.To view click here

Current Projects:
Goddess Inc. is working in developing make-up and fashion line that is unique to Goddess Inc and its theme of highlighting the feminine attributes as a Goddess. Goddess Inc merchandizing division is focused on developing products and services that represent true Goddess attributes.
The following Products are being developed:

  1. High End Perfumes
  2. Pure Silk only clothing line
  3. Hair Extensions
  4. Goddess Inc. make-up line